Mexico City: Part Deux

I don't know why part 2 is in French when it's the German influence that is so (odd and) apparent in Mexico City. Likely because most people have never seen 2 in German (zwei) before so "Mexico City: Part Zwei" sounds like a chapter out of a sci-fi book. But yes, the numerous Volkswagens, pilsners,... Continue Reading →

Curse of The Traveler

Have you ever heard of The Curse of the Traveler? An old vagabond in his 60s told me about it over a beer in Central America, goes something like this: The more places you see, the more things you see that appeal to you, but no one place has them all. In fact, each place... Continue Reading →

¡Viva México!

September 16 is the day Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. However, the festivities begin on the night of the 15th. We spent the night in Mexico City's zócalo (center) as a concert blasted over hundreds of speakers and the president appeared on the balcony of the National Palace to ring in the holiday. To... Continue Reading →

Guadalajara, Part 2: The Bad & The Ugly

Lucha libre is a term in Latin America referring to a form of professional wrestling without the restrictions of traditional greco-roman wrestling. Professional wrestling reminds me of my dad because we used to watch it together when I was in elementary school. As long as my memory serves, even until this day, he's worked the... Continue Reading →

Guadalajara, Part 1: The Good

We named our car Ernstmeier, Ernie for short. Ernie's done really well on the trip thus far, especially when we entered Guadalajara armed without a map or directions. We drove until we found the town center and weaved up and down the surrounding streets until we found a parking spot on a side road. The... Continue Reading →

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