This website started off as a travel blog, but as life continues and the travels dwindle, the adventures continue on. Over time, it’s become about the life I’ve built with The Guy and the place we call home.

We now live on Siltcoos Lake where we’ve created a resort experience for people that also shares the area’s unique history as a train station.

Who is The Guy, you ask?

Born and raised in Junction City, Oregon, he left his country roots and made a killing in the big city – picking up some college degrees, a divorce, and some wild adventures.

By the time we met in Reno on Valentine’s Day of 2008, his travels had spanned 5 continents. He introduced me to backpacking and we discovered a shared love for travel, cultures, and food.

Living in 5 states, 3 deployments, and a 16,000-mile-international-drive later, we still have not run out of things to talk about.

Our current chapter is lake life and with 4 fur babies, dirty floors and messy hair – we’re out here trying our best to kill it.

This is the story of our life.

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