Poland – A Pretty Cold Place

When the idea of visiting Poland first came up, I didn't know what to expect. Without too much historical background, I stepped foot on Polish soil and experienced a lot of interesting things. First off, the Polish people have gone through a lot. With Russian occupation throughout the 19th and partially through the 20th century,... Continue Reading →

Prague – Gritty Places, Serious Faces

The Guy and I came to Prague so I could get ICL surgery. I visited Prague 10 years ago and was enchanted with the Baroque architecture and especially the Charles Bridge. You access the bridge by going under a large tower and it's lined with statues of patron saints. The gothic style and historical significance lend... Continue Reading →

Guatemala: Picturesque Landscape Meets Road Rage

Guatemala was absolutely stunning. Sprawling mountains against a backdrop of fog gave it a mystical appeal. On sunny days, the rolling hills continued back endlessly like something from a painting. It gave me the understanding that life IS what inspires art. Despite its beautiful scenery, many other factors contributed to Guatemalan  culture. RANDOM THINGS Roosters,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Thanksgiving a World Away

Thanksgiving is about practicing gratitude. More specifically it's about the celebration of generosity and giving refuge. It didn't work out for the Indians, but that generosity became the centerpiece of what it meant to be American. As a child of refugee parents, I'm very proud to call myself American. America is my country; America is... Continue Reading →

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