Exploring Yucatan’s Mayan Roots

The Yucatan peninsula is, as my hostel owner would call it, Peter Pan Land. With hundreds of cenotes, caves, underground rivers, and Mayan ruins, you needn't look far for a great adventure. It's even home to one of the New World Wonders, Chichen-Itza. The Mayans lived in this area but each ruin was as unique... Continue Reading →

Olmec Heads and Palenque

I sat at a table with a Mexican tattoo artist who was traveling with his drug dealing friend in a hostel located in Palenque, Chiapas. At least, he told me he was just a tattoo artist in the beginning. The Guy and I began asking him about places in the Yucatan and it turned out... Continue Reading →

Small Town Gem and Abandoned Places

Oaxaca City is the capital of Oaxaca and a small town set outside the ruins of Monte Albán. The lights from their Independence day were still strung up all over the square and served only to add to the charming atmosphere. Cafés, restaurants, a government building, and a church lined the little center. We ate at the... Continue Reading →

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