Happy Anniversary: An Open Letter to The Guy

My Darling Dear (see all those D’s?),

My honey bunches of oats, my lovebug bear, my sweet.

Today marks our 10 year anniversary together! Wowowow, we’ve managed to pack a lot of adventures into that time, haven’t we? It seems like forever ago or just yesterday that we met, right?

Of all the reasons to love our relationship, I adore how your adventurous spirit mirrors my own and oh, what fun we have (and the fights!). I can’t imagine going on all these escapades with a single other person. But beyond all the adventures, I can’t imagine sharing a boring everyday routine with anyone else either.

Honestly, I’d much rather spend a bad day with you than a good day with someone else. If I have a good time and you’re not there, my happiness levels can only reach 85% because it takes you to get to maximum capacity (cue the awww’s).

Remember when I went to Panama without you? 85%. Played with manatees? 85%. Relaxed on a beach SIPPING ON DRINKS? Still 85%.

(What?!) It’s true.

Most times we’re apart, I never even reach 85% happy (can I mention muy rico? Or worse, deployments?!) because you are the sizzlin’ steak to my mashed potatoes! One’s just not as good without the other.

You bring such joy and laughter into my life. When I can’t bring myself to smile, you know just how to get me to laugh. My favorite is the look on your face when you’re proud of a joke after I’ve cracked up – because my laughter is your seal of approval. When I am delighted, you are delighted. What a gift!

On my worst days when I’m feeling fat, frumpy and rude, you say I’m beautiful – and I can tell you really mean it too.

I’m one lucky duck (go Ducks!) to have you in my life. Your positivity and endless optimism have carried us through dark and trying times and I’ve had my share of holding you down a few times too. Because balance baby.

Whatever the other needs, we will find a way to be.

And I know if my load was too heavy, I can count on you to find a way to come over and take some of it off my shoulders (or suck it out of my brains).

You wanna know why I think it’s nice staring at your same face for so long? Not just that your face is nice to look at, but we don’t even need words. We can tell what the other is thinking with just a glance and that’s kind of magical. In a world where magic doesn’t exist, that’s pretty priceless ([rude] don’t you think?).

People always say love is all you need. But you’ve taught me to know better. It’s one thing to be loved and another to be supported. From the good to the bad, you’re my biggest fan. EVEN when there can be NO… PEACE… You are always a consistent source of unconditional support.

And yet, it’s another thing entirely to be understood. I’ve had shocking moments where you understood me better than anyone could EVER expect (ahem… the proposal). I’ve never felt like anyone has paid attention to so many details that make me unique and left me feeling okay, better even, about them.

Because you’re my rain cloud on a blistering hot day. You’re the red starburst in a bag full of yellow ones. The flip-flops of all my shoes. The mustard in my sandwich. The mint in my summer roll. Without you – I might as well skip the rest.

The point is you’re my favorite person. I luh you like a fat kid luh cake. Like a rat does peanut butter. Like Randi loved pizza. Like she loves COOKIES (GOT DAYUM THAT’S A LOT).

Even if we were two strangers in another life, I’d choose you. Even if you were a plant, I’d still choose you (because you are hefty (hefty hefty) and strong of character like sedum).

I really love and admire you! Thanks for being my rock, my bestie, my everything.

You’ve taught me so much already and in all our time together, if I’ve learned one thing – it’s this:

We only grow apart so we can experience the joy of finding each other again.

And invariably, it happens. So join me now in our rebel yell:

Illy illy too wah! Illy illy too wah!

‘Cuz it’s just you and me baby. We’re in it to win it.

Here’s to 10 more years and longer…to the grave we go.

Cheers Darlin’


-Potato chip.


PS I already KNOW you forgot it’s our anniversary and you’re not in trouble because I accept you for who you are. So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!

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  1. For every Jack there’s a Jill. You’ve found each other and are on your way up the hill. Keep climbing; looking for that water and remember, when you find it, drink slowly. There is a lifetime ahead of you to quench your thirst. I’m so happy you two have each other and continue to be best friends. That’s the key.
    Love you guys.

  2. Congrats! For the 521 weeks !
    Ten years can plod on or go by like a flash, depending on who you are with ( just like us , I’ve been with your Dad for 35 years.) Love grows more tremendously full, Swift as the years multiply !

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